Jamie & Blake • Tilden Park • Engagement Session

Jamie and Blake are San Diego transplants who are all about simple pleasures… When asked about their preferences for the engagement session, they mentioned their passion for the outdoors, animals, and music, and I honed in on those ideas and suggested Tilden Park in Berkeley.

Tilden Park is a regional park in the Berkeley hills that really can transport anyone out of their busy city life. We first visited the Little Farm (i.e. the petting zoo), then ventured to a secluded zig-zagging path through the bushes, before we ended the session at the antique Merry-Go-Round.

Jamie and Blake were such an easy-going couple to work with, which made it such a breeze to photograph their joyful personalities and their love for each other. I’m looking forward to their wedding at the Oakland Zoo’s Snow Building! Congratulations!

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