Inspiration • Pier 24 Photography

Yesterday I visited a free exhibit at Pier 24 Photography and found a great deal of inspiration in the one hour I spent in the gallery. Here I’ve highlighted some of my favorites.

1. Hiroshi Sugimoto, Colors of Shadow C1025, 2006.

This was a beautiful, minimalistic print. Those who know me are aware that I’m into simple geometric photographs… I read more into the Colors of Shadow series and found that the photographer used an entire penthouse in Tokyo to create his images. Check out his website for more.

2. Richard Misrach, Untitled 19-2003, 2003.

This print had quite an impact on me, and this little thumbnail doesn’t do its justice! The photograph stood out among his other work on exhibition, showing his focus on human intervention on landscapes. The wading figures may be small in relation to the body of water, but the ripples they formed spread far and wide.

3. Andreas Gusky, Shanghai, 2009.

The 3-meter tall print was mesmerizing. The repetition, the bright color, and the random people in this hotel tower made me feel so anonymous.

4-6. Harry Callahan, Women Lost in Thought, 1950.

I’ve always been interested in candid street photography, but the series Women Lost in Thought was quite different from what I’ve encountered before. It was unsettling to see such intimate (but public) moments captured, and although he was observing from afar, the way he composed each image seemed so personal.

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