Sprouts Cooking Club • Frog Hollow Farm

I spent a hot summer day at Frog Hollow Farm with Sprouts Cooking Club, touring and cooking at the farm with a group of great young chefs.

Just a little background on Sprouts Cooking Club: founded by Karen Rogers in 2006, Sprouts is a non-profit organization that teaches children how to cook with real chefs, using real ingredients, in real restaurants. They’ve held classes with chefs from notable Bay Area restaurants like The Slanted Door, Flour+Water, and Namu, providing an interesting setting for kids to cook well-balanced and delicious meals.

The day I tagged along with Sprouts was the final day of a week-long cooking camp. The campers applied their culinary skills learned from the camp and used fresh fruit from the farm in their own dishes. The result was a meal full of flavor, creativity, and laughter!

It was such a fun day, filled by people of all ages who have a passion for food and cooking.

Check out the facebook gallery for more photos! And visit Sprout’s website for more information on donating and volunteering.

(Final action photo by Kimberly Eng)

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