Visiting Anduze by an antique train

Visiting Anduze by an antique train

French countryside Day 6… off to Anduze!

That morning we took off to explore the town Anduze via an antique steam train, operated by Train à vapeur des Cévennes. The population in Anduze is about 3300… for a big city girl like me, that was pretty small, but after being in Lasalle (population 1063), it seemed like a more bustling place already!

We started our journey from Saint-Jean-du-Gard’s train station, and passed by lots of beautiful creeks, mountains and villages before arriving in Anduze. The 40-minute ride was slow but smooth, and we seemed to have been transported through time with the loud engine puffing through the countryside, the air mixed with smoke.

In Anduze we explored the town on foot, checked out two open markets, got some souvenirs at a nougaterie, had lunch with other counsellors (and I tried tartare for the first time ever!), before our cooking class at a local restaurant, Le Meli Melo. Here are some highlights of the day…

Red Antique Steam Train

Steam train controls

Antique train dials

Steam train bokeh

Contemplative Tony

Saint-Jean-du-Gard scenery

Black and white in a steam train

Antique train detail

Arriving in Anduze by train

Anduze open market

Fresh products in Anduze

Truck at Anduze open market

French bread and sausages

Canned goods

Buckets of olives

Beautiful French country house

Steak tartare

Pork sausage for lunch in Anduze

Cream puffs for dessert

Restaurant Le Meli Melo