Tracy Wong

Tracy Wong - Hong Kong silhouette

Lifestyle Photographer

From the moment I received my first camera in high school, photography has always been a passion of mine; but I never thought I would become a full-time photographer. I had received a degree in biology at the University of California, Berkeley and worked at a research lab before I took a leap into wedding photography.

Ever since my move back to my native Hong Kong, I have made my mark as a commercial and lifestyle photographer, having worked with individual clients as well as international brands.

It also brings me pleasure to meet each person I work with. While I’m behind the camera, I enjoy taking the time to get to know my subjects, sometimes even becoming good friends with them. Here’s what I usually remind them:

The purpose of a photograph isn’t to look good on camera. It’s the message you’re carrying across.

Regardless of what I’m photographing, my focus is on capturing fleeting beautiful moments. Though I’m not always shooting portraits, there is usually a human element in my photographs. Strangers and models alike, they all seem to add another layer of depth to a photograph when caught at the right millisecond.

So, let me help you carry across your story, and let’s work together!

Social Media Influencer

Twice featured as a suggested user on Instagram, I have reached over 45 thousand followers on the social media platform, and have since helped promote brands as an influencer. These clients’ industries range from F&B to travel, beauty to jewelry, athleisure to couture, and our projects together are all customized to fit their target audience and campaign objectives.

You can find me on Instagram sharing my personal and professional work as @tracywongphoto.

Beyond Photography

Outside of my photography work, I enjoy immersing myself in other cultures through traveling. What’s better as an excuse for people-watching than to shoot street photos in a foreign place? In a way, I’m still exploring my home city Hong Kong and always seeking amazing spots that are “instagrammable”.

Together with my cousin, I have also launched a jewelry brand to modernize jade. It’s called TRACE. (I swear, we explored other names before coming up with this one!) We source natural, high quality jade stones and create minimal, clean designs. I’m now dedicating my free time into developing new designs and spreading the word about our unique concept.

Photo credits:
Silhouette profile by Antonio Perfecto
Sidebar image by Benny Wong



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