Business Workshop with Paperclip HK & Sponge Consultancy

PaperclipHK is a coworking office in Hong Kong and a startup academy. In addition to providing shared and dedicated desks for small businesses, Paperclip also hosts helpful talks on business-related topics. Last week I attended (both as a curious student and a photographer) a workshop taught by Pauline Wong of Sponge Consultancy. The workshop, titled “Growing Your Business with Neuroscience”, was an introduction on the theory of Whole Brain Thinking.

Business workshop discussion at PaperclipHK
Whole Brain Thinking at PaperclipHK
Candid photo

The 3-hour class was very interactive and kept our minds rolling. We learned about Whole Brain Thinking techniques and how it defines people in 4 thinking preferences. Once we had a complete understanding, we each completed a self assessment on our personalities. Unsurprisingly, I turned out to be someone leaning towards the “feeling” quadrant – passionate, friendly, and emotional. No wonder I enjoy being a photographer and getting connected with people!

It was great to meet my classmates as they all had very diverse work background. I learned so much from our discussions and got some helpful ideas on improving my photography business. Thanks Pauline!

Workshop at PaperclipHK
Detail on Paperclip HK workshop
Pauline Wong

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