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Interiors Photography | Living Room at Kennedy Park Hong Kong
Light and Shadows | Baby's Room Kennedy Park | Hong Kong Interiors Photography
Hidden room | Interiors Photography Hong Kong | Kennedy Park
Bedroom lighting design | Liquid Interiors | Hong Kong Interiors Photographer
Bedside Details | Interiors Photography Hong Kong

Commissioned by interior design firm Liquid Interiors, this interiors photography shoot took place in a private residence near the Peak Tram station at Kennedy Park. It was a pleasure working with Liquid Interiors again as their photographer.

Focusing on the lighting design and built-in shelving for this apartment, the photography was shot in day time using a mix of sunlight, ambient light from the fixtures, and remote flashes. The lighting design especially was emphasized in the bedroom, which could be lit from the ceilings to the footboard below the custom wardrobes.

The natural palette throughout the home gave off a cozy feeling, and the homeyness centered around the feature wall in the living room. This was paired with a tree branch wooden chandelier, and together they would transport the residents out of Hong Kong’s concrete jungle, as if they were in a ski chalet on the other side of the globe.

I loved how the day light streamed through the windows and casted interesting shadows into the pastel kids’ room! Time of day really matters with interiors photography, and such an effect would not have been possible if we shot this mid-day around noon.

Client: Liquid Interiors
Location: Kennedy Park, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong

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