Instagram Campaign // HK Maritime Museum

Hong Kong Maritime Museum | Central Pier 8
Portrait of Karen Ng | HK Maritime Museum | by Tracy Wong Photography
Ship model exhibit at Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Antique Chinese paintings at Hong Kong Maritime Musuem
Heavy vintage diving helmets | Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Fun times at Hong Kong Maritime Museum | influencer campaign for social media

To promote the new Instagram account for the Hong Kong Maritime Museum, I had partnered up with the museum to promote the venue as an Instagrammer.

On the day of the visit, I was toured around the museum to go through its three levels of exhibits. It was fascinating to see the history of Hong Kong’s maritime trade, and I loved the intricacy of the ship models on display! As we moved along the different levels, we started reaching more modern times, with exhibits about marine equipment for diving, communications, and even a ship control simulator!

It really was fun to roam around with good friends! The other Instagram influencers on the tour with me were:

Thank you Sinclair Communications for having me on this campaign!

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