Casual Men’s Fashion // UNCVR

Menswear lifestyle photography | For UNCVR | Maroon Chinos
Styled Men's Clothing Photography | For UNCVR
Clean lifestyle photography | For UNCVR | In Long Beach, California
Monochrome Men's Tees | Perfectly White Closet | by Tracy Wong for UNCVR
Men's casual wear photography | UNCVR henley shirt and chinos
Lazy Days in Bed | Photographed in Mexico | By Tracy Wong for UNCVR
Palm trees and henley | Photography for UNCVR in California
Flatlay photography | Mens casual fashion | For UNCVR
Photo of Sunset over Long Beach | Tracy Wong Photography for UNCVR

Fashion startups are on the rise in Hong Kong, with different business models that aim to disrupt the local and international landscape in fashion. One of the new startups that launched in the past year was UNCVR, a subscription-based men’s casual wear brand.

I started my work with UNCVR during my travels to California and Mexico. To tell their brand story with an approachable, friendly point-of-view, I photographed the clothing mostly in natural light, styled with authenticity in mind.

Some additional images were also captured without the products for the brand to use in social media as a way to convey their story. An unmade bed, inspiring café interiors, and colorful sunsets, all tie into the brand’s casual, effortless style.

It was a photographer’s dream at my hotel in Todos Santos, Mexico, where the wardrobe was cleanly carved out of the plaster wall. What a perfect spot to feature the monochrome henley shirts.

Client: UNCVR
Locations: Long Beach, California; Todos Santos, Mexico

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