Photography on Food Blog SkinnyTaste

I looove shooting food photography, and I feel especially great after working on healthy recipes for nutritionist Heather K. Jones. Of course I couldn’t say no when she asked for food photos of her version of the Sunshine Bowl, featured on renowned blog SkinnyTaste.

The recipe was based on a fresh dish at one of her favorite Seattle food carts. Topped with a bright yellow sunshine sauce, the Sunshine Bowl was packed with fresh vegetables, grilled chicken, and quinoa, making it a filling and nourishing meal.

Photography for food bloggers • Tracy Wong

With this project, I had a bit of help from my boyfriend with preparing the dish since I had to chop up the fresh veggies while climbing up and down to shoot the food at different angles. He helped with measuring the various ingredients that went into the signature sunshine sauce. The final product was a smorgasbord of colors, making it so fun to photograph.

Here are some key tips for creating great food photos:

  • Find nice lighting. Either do it the natural way like I did here, or have sufficient artificial lights to supplement.
  • Be patient and try different styling combinations. You might find that angling a carrot one way is nicer than another!
  • I like to style my food photos in a rather minimalistic way. Pick a texture in your background that complements and doesn’t distract. Use strong composition instead to create an interesting image.

Fresh ingredients • Food Photography by Tracy Wong
Making sauce in blender • Food photography by Tracy Wong

Check out Heather’s blog post on Skinnytaste for the full recipe and more photos of the yummy Sunshine Bowl!

Photography for food bloggers • Tracy Wong

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