Cocktail Photography // Topiary

Classy Cocktails – Topiary bar in SoHo Hong Kong

Dramatic cocktail at Topiary HK – photo by Tracy Wong Photography

Topiary Hong Kong – cocktail and French garden ambiance

Cocktail & Beverage Photography – at Topiary Hong Kong

Cash Cow cocktail at Topiary Hong Kong - Soho bar

I have been working with Topiary since its opening. The bar in Hong Kong’s SoHo district specializes in shim cocktails and vegetarian bar snacks, and features a French garden theme.

The interior design was all done by Laura Cheung of Lala Curio, a bespoke lifestyle and home décor brand.

This series of photographs features some of Topiary’s signature cocktails. They all have a story to tell, and are all carefully crafted. My job as the photographer was to compose each shot to put each cocktail in full focus while bringing out the décor details from the space.

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