Food Photography // Topiary

Topiary vegetarian bar snacks –

Food Photographer Hong Kong – Topiary bar snacks in SoHo

Hong Kong Food Photographer – Photoshoot at Topiary HK

Hong Kong Restaurant and Bar Photographer // Canapés at Topiary

Vegetarian bar snacks at Topiary Hong Kong

Topiary in Hong Kong’s SoHo district not only offers beautifully styled cocktails, but also vegetarian canapés. In addition to photographing a series of their beverages, I was also the photographer to shoot the various dishes on the menu.

Like in the cocktail photoshoot, I composed my food photography shots to not only feature each dish, but also utilize the many textures at the location to portray the ambiance at the venue.

I truly enjoyed working with Topiary, where the staff are so friendly and helpful, and Ellen Ho, one of the founders, allowed me to have complete creative control over the process.

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