Sunset Proposal // Marienne & Shinn

Couple strolling through the bushes
Hong Kong cloudy sunset | Victoria Harbour | Tracy Wong
Hong Kong proposal by Victoria Harbour | Photography by Tracy Wong
A pair | couple portraits at Victoria Harbour
Watching the sunset | Engagement and proposal photography Hong Kong
Couple portraits and marriage proposal | Capturing the natural moment
Sunset proposal Hong Kong | Victoria Harbour
Sunset proposal Hong Kong | The moment he popped the question | photo by Tracy Wong
A warm embrace | Candid engagement photography | Tracy Wong
A hug and a kiss | Candid engagement photography | Tracy Wong
Sunset silhouette | Hong Kong sunset and couple | Tracy Wong
Oh look, there's the photographer!
Sunset couple portraits in Hong Kong | Pre-wedding | Engagement | Tracy Wong
Sunset portraits in Hong Kong | Pre-wedding | Engagement | Tracy Wong
A fiery sunset | Couple kissing with Hong Kong night skyline
Engaged! Shinn popped the question with Marienne
Hong Kong colorful sunset over Victoria Harbour | Tracy Wong

Marienne and Shinn both grew up in Hong Kong and had been dating for 3 years when he decided to pop the big question. It had been a rainy summer in Hong Kong, and it even drizzled the morning of the proposal. How amazing that the sky opened up just before the proposal at sunset!

I was so honored that Shinn had asked me to be the photographer for his proposal. Knowing that he’s a talented videographer at his own company 21 Visuals, he must have high standards and know lots of creatives to work with.

He had chosen a spot in Causeway Bay with perfect view of Victoria Harbour at sunset, so I staked out a spot behind the bushes and waited for the couple to arrive. There was one other landscape photographer around so I was able to look less conspicuous.

The moment and photoshoot went so smoothly! With a surprise proposal, so many elements could go wrong – the weather, crowds, and my worst nightmare would be if Marienne had figured out the plan.

Shinn even put together a video; he had told Marienne that they were doing a vlog about the beautiful sunset. It was so lucky that the phone’s batteries were drained until right after the crucial moment, so the key moments were captured and they managed to enjoy the rest of the evening without any distractions. Check out their adorable proposal video!

I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to work with such a loving couple and be the one to capture those precious moments. Congratulations!!

Location: Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

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