Menswear Lifestyle Shoot // UNCVR

Men's Casual Fashion | UNCVR | Lifestyle photographer Tracy Wong
Casual fashion photography | Hong Kong men's clothing UNCVR
UNCVR | Men's wear with a subscription model | Hong Kong
Menswear Fashion Photography | Fall/Winter for UNCVR
Details on sweatshirt | Men's Fashion Photographer | Hong Kong | by Tracy Wong
Men's heather grey sweats | UNCVR clothing
Sweatshirt outfit | Fall / Winter campaign for UNCVR | Casual menswear
Hong Kong lifestyle and fashion photographer | Casual Menswear | Wong Chuk Hang location

Client: UNCVR
Location: Wong Chuk Hang

UNCVR is a menswear subscription service based in Hong Kong. For the Fall / Winter season they had sets of hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and long sleeve tees for their subscribers, and we photographed the athletic looks at a sports ground on Hong Kong Island.

The brand direction was casual, approachable, so the model casting, location scouting, styling, and posing all took that into consideration. The whole team had a great day at the shoot, goofing around with each other, allowing me to capture some authentic and fun moments that fit well with the brand.

The set of photographs were used mainly on the UNCVR website and social media channels. While shooting, I was intensional about the composition and cropping that could be optimized for each usage. For example, the website banners would need wider, landscape orientation images with more minimal space for text. On the other hand, photos used on Instagram would be more effective cropped as squares or in portrait orientation.

Thank you to the UNCVR team and Jared and Shinn the models for your hard work that day!

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